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Global Arts Activities 2004-5

Eminescu-Place de la Roumanie

September 19th 2004 - Dedication of 'Romania Square'/'Place de la Romanie' in Montreal, Canada, with unveiling of Eminescu statue. Despite controversy related to the poet's statue and anti-Iliescu (then-President) catcalls, this was a great and rarely bestowed honor for Romania and its national poet. more...

Eminescu by V. Gorduz


Jan 20th 2005 - 'Mostly Eminescu Poetry and Music '- premiere of Dino Ghezzo’s multimedia work ’The Evening Star’ based on A.G. Sahlean's translation (NY Romanian Cultural Institute.) The featured event was preceded by tributes to the poet by other composers, artists and musicians.

Dino Ghezzo

Recital & Exhibit Room

Feb 25th 2005 -- Eminescu poetry recital (in English) -- at the Romanian Embassy, in Ottawa, Canada. The show took place in a beautifully decorated room featuring over 30 oil-on wood and oil-on-glass icons by artist Ofelia Armasu. Actor and singer Sergiu Cioiu opened the evening with a tribute poem to the poet (Romanian) and an Eminescu original.

Ofelia Armasu - Mater Dolorosa Blue

    Initial design for Eminescu project
completed in 2006

April 16th 2005 - New York recording of ’The Evening Star’ by A.G.Sahlean for the NYU summer festival production of Ghezzo's multi-media work 'The Evening Star' that premiered in January. A DVD project was planned, to be completed by spring 2007.

...reaching for the unreachable (Eve) Star...

A. G. Sahlean & Mihai Eminescu
(great-grand nephew and look-alike!)

April 30th-May8th 2005 - Documentary in Romania with Eminescu’s great-grand nephew (resident of MA) and the two other surviving descendents (mother and aunt in R.). Global Arts also helped organize a TV interview and a radio broadcast. Video footage will be also used for future projects.

Eminescu by A. Contras

From the Broadway Show

May 22nd-23rd 2005 - Off-Broadway theatrical production of 'Luceafarul' /The Legend of the Evening Star - tr. A.G.Sahlean. see lots more...

From the Broadway Show

Concert Poster

July 16th 2005 - Concert of Romanian rock group 'Transsylvania Phoenix’. The band, more commonly known as Phoenix, is one of the most prominent Romanian rock bands in recent decades. It was also the first to take musical inspiration from ancient Romanian folk themes. With most of its members living outside Romania -- after group members daringly escaped to Germany from Communist Romania in the late seventies (hidden inside speakers in the back of a truck!) -- the groups reunion and most recent tours proved highly popular with the nostalgic Romanian communities in North America.

Concert Poster


Aug 23rd 2005 - ‘Expectations and reality in translating a ‘national’ poet’ - lecture at Hamilton Romanian Festival, Ontario, Canada. Festival cultural events included a dedication of Mircea Eliade's bust by sculptor Nicapetre (adding to his series of prominent Romanians,) a lecture on folk traditions and recital by singer Lia Lungu, and recital by pan-flutist Nicolae Voiculet
see more pictures...

Mihai Eminescu by Nicapetre

Anca Parghel

Sept 5th 2005 - Fundraiser concert with jazz singer and pianist Anca Parghel -- Andover, MA. Anca -- also a band leader, composer, and teacher -- has participated in previous fund raising events with Adrian. On this occasion, she performed her composition on his translation of Eminescu's 'Ce ce nu-mi vii? /Why Don't You come?' and even sang together a couple of duets.

Rehearsing for 'Ave Maria'


Sept 30th - 'Caviar, votka & bye-bye' - Romanian theatre and entertainment show (various Romanian artists) - Needham, MA. This event follows a tradition of hosting Romanian theatre plays and musical events with Romanian artists touring the USA geared toward the Romanian ethnic community in the Boston area.

Concert Poster

Oct 16th - Solidarity Concert with rising star pan flutist Nicolae Voiculet for victims of Katrina and Romanian flooding -Wellesley College, MA. The concert was saved by talented Romanian pianist/organist Ana Sorina Popa, when the scheduled organist was unable to attend due to family emergency.

Ana Sorina Popa

A passion for Eminescu

Oct 20th - Radio Romania International features Global Art's President Adrian G. Sahleean in its top segment 'Romanians around the world'. The over-the-phone interview (in English) is followed by a beautiful recitation (by unidentified actor) of 'Unto the Star'.
Listen to interview

Initial Design for project
completed in 2006

Exhibition Poster

Nov. 14th 2005 - 'The Merry Cemetery of Sapanta' - exhibition of American photographer Peter Kayafas, with English epitaph translations by A.G.Sahlean - NY Romanian Cultural Institute. An illustrated book with expanded material and a foreword by professor Sanda Golopentia is in the making and planned to appear in the fall 2006 or early 2007.


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