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Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Nae Ionescu Cultural Center

The Week of the Romanians” continues the tradition of almost 30 years of the “Romanian Field Week” at Hamilton, Ontario. Through the years, the place has combined cultural tributes to Motherland with anticommunist manifestations from Romanians in North America.

The Romanian Field covers 40 acres in a natural environment near Hamilton. The place features the Nae Ionescu Cultural Center, the St. Mary Chapel, sports fields, a pool, as well as a couple of bungalows and accommodation for mobile homes.

Nae Ionescu by Nicapetre

Memorial Cross

The place for the St. Mary Chapel was chosen by the martyr Bishop of the Romanian Orthodox Archdiocese from Vatra (Michigan, USA), Valerian Trifa. According to researchers from Romania and Canada, the area where the Chapel lies has special bioenergetic properties, making it one of three in the world.

St. Mary Chapel sermon

Mihai Eminescu - Nicapetre 1998

Through the years, famous Romanian Canadian sculptor Nicapetre made busts of some of the most important Romanian writers, chief among them - Mihai Eminescu. In 2000, when Eminescu was chosen UNESCO-Poet-of-the-Year, Romanians all over the world celebrated their national poet, and Hamilton was no exception.

Before the unveiling

Nicapetre, Caramitru 2000

Actor Ion Caramitru (then Romanian Minister of Culture) - whose devotion to Eminescu and contribution to his legacy both on and off stage have been enormous - was present at the 2000 Hamilton Romanian Week celebrations.
The Writers' Alley (Rotonda) now includes (among others) busts of Nae Ionescu, Vasile Posteuca, George Donev and Aron Cotrus.

Aron Cotrus by Nicapetre

Mircea Eliade by Nicapetre

The 2005 Hamilton Festival added the sculpture of historian, philosopher, theorist of religion, academic, and novelist Mircea Eliade (1907–1986).

The Rotonda 2005

Nicapertre, with Sahlean and his Eliade

The 2005 reunion was organized by the Romanian Cultural Association from Hamilton together with the Romanian Word Cultural Foundation from Bucharest. The goal of the week-long reunion was the analysis of the relationship between the Romanian Diaspora and Romanian authorities after the communist years.

Rotonda Unveiling Ceremony

D. Muntean, G. Culian
M. Moisin & S. Doreanu

Presentations and panel discussions included professors, writers, historians and journalists from USA (Sebastian Doreanu, Horia Ion Groza, Grigore Culian, Doru Tsaganea), Romania (John Halmaghi,, Doru Muntean, Andrei Badin), Moldova (Dorin Chirtoaca, Raisa Padurean) and Canada (Alexandru Tomescu, Mihaela Moisin, Dumitru Ichim)

Book Stand at Hamilton

A. G. Sahlean, L. Lungu, Al. Tomescu

The cultural side of the Festival included A. G. Sahlean's presentation on Eminescu (‘Expectations and reality in translating a ‘national’ poet), Lia Lungu's paper on 'Ritual Song and the Profane for Romanians' with illustrations from her own one-woman folkloric show...

Lia Lungu

Nicolae Voiculet

... and two amazing recitals by rising star pan flutist Nicolae Voiculet and by singer/artist/journalist Lia Lungu.

At the end, festival participants as well as guests from the Romanian communities in Toronto, Hamilton and Kitchner, gathered for a farewell party.
Somewhat predictably, the party lasted--long after the band had gone--with spontaneous songs, food, wine and good cheer well into the wee hours.

The Romanian touch was unmistakable!

Sahlean with imitation of
legendary gypsy singer
Dumitru Dona Siminica

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