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Mihai Eminescu 1850-1889

While Eminescu is often described as the essence of the Romanian soul, modern literary language in Romania is also much indebted to him. His work encompassed every genre of poetry (love, philosophical, cosmological, mythological, historical, socio-satiric, etc.) as well as prose and journalism. Eminescu is considered Europe's last great romantic not in the least because he gave voice of such unmistakable music to the sadness of love. His legacy, however, transcends the confines of Romanticism, the literary and philosophical Western traditions, the far east influences and even the obvious imprint of the Romanian folklore. Blessed with the touch of genius, his synthesis is a personal world of meaning about the life of man and of the cosmos in archetypal images of universal worth.

Despite his national stature and unquestionable universal relevance, Mihai Eminescu (“Year 2000 UNESCO Poet-of-the-Year”) is little known to the American readership at large. Unconvincing translations are only partly to blame because access to good renditions is limited.

The internet, however, has brought the library right on your desktop. The links on this site will take you to the various events that have contributed to the ever-growing awareness of a poet-for-all-seasons, no longer trapped on the constraints of a folkloric language.


Main events dedicated to Eminescu in North America

'Eternal Longing, Impossible Love' - first available CD & companion book for English readership - 2006
'The Legend of the Evening Star' -  off-broadway stage production (New York) - 2005 & 2008
Unveiling of Eminescu statue in public square dedicated to Romania (Montreal, Canada) - 2005
Unveiling of Eminescu bust in front of St. George's Church (Windsor, Canada) - 2007

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