Global Arts - A Non Profit Organization


G L O B A L  A R T S is a community of artists, translators and performers dedicated to presenting the ongoing cultural heritage of Romania to lovers of art everywhere, and bringing the best of worldwide art to Romania. Our current focus is to present the poetic works of MIHAI EMINESCU (1850-1889), Romania's National Poet and one of the great Romantic Era poets, through the award winning translations of Adrian George Sahlean. He has captured the spirit and musicality of Eminescu's poetry in translations that recreate the era in which they were conceived. Unique in the grace and power of the English version, they offer an entry into the creations of a masterful poet never before available. A volume of selected translations with a companion CD of poems, four years in the making, was recently published. To poetry lovers, the audio disc offers for the first time an easy and direct means of acquaintance with a world poet.

Past and upcoming projects of GLOBAL ARTS are presented throughout the site.